• High-quality journalism, tailored to suit your publication’s house style. Need a fast turnaround? Looking to send someone out and about to cover your topic of choice? Get in touch.

  • Photography to accompany the piece, whether it’s event photography or a commissioned shoot.

  • Event PR and marketing. Need a press officer to look after a constant influx of journalists? Want to effectively publicise your event or show? Hit me up.

  • PR and copywriting services. I try to limit the amount of PR work I do, but I do have occasional openings, and am always happy to discuss your brand, product, or idea, whether for an ongoing contract or a one-off press release, advertorial, or product launch.

  • Sub-editing. Looking for someone efficient, reliable, and experienced to work in-house on your publication? Give me a call – I’m based just south of London, with easy access into the city or its surrounding counties.