Rider representation

Making the books balance can be easier said than done, even at the upper echelons of equestrian sport. That’s why cultivating and maintaining sponsorships with the companies you believe in - and who, in turn, believe in you - is so crucial. But getting those sponsors, and keeping them happy, can seem like a bit of a minefield.

Not anymore. I can help you to develop your brand identity - the Ultimate Selling Point that makes you a unique and marketable prospect in a crowded field of competitors. I’ll help you to identify which companies are the best fit for you, and I’ll help you to secure the best possible contracts. Sponsorship is a symbiotic relationship - the companies you work with need to benefit from the deal too, and together, we’ll create a workable strategy that allows you to give the maximum return on investment without jeopardising your time spent in the saddle.

SocIal media management

Your online presence is increasingly important, but maintaining an array of active social media channels can be overwhelming. It can be off-putting to hire someone else to manage them, though - nobody wants to sound like a robot in the PR machine. But your social channels don’t need to be generic, nor do they need to be a stream of thinly-veiled advertisements. I’ll work with you to refine and develop your voice, making an end product that’s wholly your own but extra-effective.

I offer various packages for social media management - for a one-off consultation fee, I can evaluate your channels and provide you with an actionable plan that you and your team can enact, or there are monthly payment options available if you’d like to hand over the reins.


Web design

With the rise of social media, maintaining a website might seem redundant - but they remain an incredibly useful showcase of your accomplishments, the services you offer, and the companies with which you’re partnered. I offer very competitive rates for website design and management, and can negotiate an ongoing rate to ghostwrite blogs for you, too.

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